circus time

Welcome, Boys and Girls, Moms and Dads and Children of All Ages! The Circus is coming to your special event.


Since the 1920's when circus performers trained and wintered in Florida, the tradition continues and Florida attracts circus acts of international fame. Many performers are available for individual appearances.


Everyone loves a circus and we have the pros for your special event: solo performers, family acts, animals, daredevils and even a complete BIG TOP SHOW at your venue of choice!



The drama and excitement of an exotic circus in the world famous style of Cirque du Soliel. Production includes circus acts on stage and "scenes" among the audience. Costumes are beautiful, wild. Performers are outrageous! A Very Special Event.


Roman Horseback Riders

A circus ring and the flying hoofs of powerful horses. You will be amazed by the beauty, ease and artistry of Roman Bareback riders.


Santa (or other character) Shot from a Cannon

A Big Hit! at Grand Openings or wherever an impact is desired.


Aerial Ballet

Beautiful Ballerinas perform acrobatics and dance, all while suspended from above.


Elephant Rides These gentle giants will give you the ride of your life.



a beautiful authentic Circus Pipe Organ delivered on a colorful, ornate, carved Dragon Wagon. These antique organs are played by hand or can operate from electric on-board generator, if on parade.


Pig Races

Each little piglet, in colorful racing silks, races for a favorite treat - an Oreo cookie. The event is completely self-contained with track, piggie houses, starting gate, lights and a hilarious announcer. Silks can be customized.







Little People,


Trick Bicyclists, ........... just ask!


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