Don't forget the dancers!!!


Sizzling Latin Dancers

Think "Copacabana". Think "Old Havana". Our tropical dance troupes sizzle. The costumes are bright, ruffly, colorful. Their choreographed routines are fast paced. As a finale, they bring the audience onto the dance floor and kick off the party. They are accompanied by recorded music, drummers or a hot Latin Band.


Fire & Limbo Caribbean Dancers

Our Tropical dance troupe will dazzle and excite an audience with their colorful costumes and dance programs including: Caribbean life-size puppets, fire juggler, limbo contests, Stilt dancers, contortionist and an awe-inspiring fire-limbo act. Filled with audience participation. Match them with one of our many Island bands for a Tropical party to remember.


"Dawn" Flamenco Progressivo

This Spanish group introduces "the New World of Flamenco", stretching traditional boundaries with Jazz, Arabic and contemporary music influences. Musical director Cortes is an internationally known Spanish Gypsy Guitarist/Composer who studied under legendary Flamenco master Sabicas. Together with elegant La Conja's footwork, vocals and palmas (hand clapping), this group produces a captivating and riveting performance. Available for Very Special Events.


Belly Dancing

The most beautiful, slender, talented belly dancers in Florida. Costumes are as gorgeous as the performers. Available with taped music OR live Arabic music by Mideastern musicians. Perfect for a Casablanca themed party.


Grupos Folkloricos

Beautifully costumed dancers perform traditional South American folk dances. From lace to colorful cotton worker's clothes, these young performers appeal to everyone with dances as varied as the regions and peoples of their homeland.


Polynesian Shows

Soft, lilting Hawaiian sounds, traditional Island dances and exciting Tahitian drums. Members of this group have been performing since they were old enough to walk -- learning dance and musical traditions passed from generation-to-generation. Choose from a varied menu of Samoan musicians, Hula dancers and Fire & Knife dancers.


The Dance Instigators

Perfect for your MardiGras party! This group of "Naw-lans" ex patriots lives in Florida and are avid fans of traditional Louisiana dances. They will teach guests the basic steps of the Cajun Waltz, Cajun 2-step, Cajun Jitterbug and Zydeco. It's fun; anyone can learn!


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