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Gary G

Prepare for an astounding evening of Illusion and magic -- a complete stage show with grand illusions, music and a pretty assistant. You will not believe your eyes! Gary has performed around the world, literally for kings and queens, and for major corporations and charities. A variety of shows available for many budgets, including a children's show for all ages and 360 illusions.


Handwriting Analysis

You are what you write. Our experts are insightful and entertaining.



We offer hilarious stand-up comedy shows from family fare to corporate to x-rated. Also popular are the crazy guys and gals of Improv; they can tailor comedy to the subject matter of your event or spoof guests or professions. It's wild! It's weird! It's always unpredictable.


Comedy in the Air

This act is well-known nationally on the college circuit with hundred's of performances. The comic, interactive show which includes juggling lessons is ideal for hard-to-please teenagers and adults.


Story two

You have to see it to believe what these guys can do on stilts. Their show-stopping act is taking Disney, Universal and theme parks by storm. The show is enhanced with dancers and a variety of costumes for any theme.


Golf Trick Shots

Our PGA pros have a little fun on the side. Their "play clubs", high tees, and colliding balls are amazing to golf fans and non-players alike.



The most beautiful and unique custom made Piñatas are available for any theme. From kids parties to Bachlorette party specialties to a life size Haitian Tap-Tap Bus. Anything is possible.


Phil the Pretty Good

From his early start as a stand-up comedian with intricate balloon sculptures Phil has added and added new forms of entertainment to his act - all done in a humorous style. Mentalism, Hypnotism, Graphology and Yo yo's are just a few of the hilarious offerings. Appeals to kids of all ages.



Costumed for a holiday theme, as World War II flying aces - or any costume you can dream up - they are spectacular. The best can "land on a dime".


Fireworks and Pyrotechnic Displays

Fire, flash, sizzle and smoke for a backyard, a barge or a stadium. Our experts handle everything, including permitting.


Feng Shui

The ancient Chinese art of placement has governed centuries of Chinese architecture, landscaping and interior design. Our Feng Shui practitioners explain the basics of this art so that guests may enhance their relationships, finances and self awareness. Ideal presentation for spouse programs, new age themes, health fairs, etc.


Psychic Readers

Tarot cards, Psychometry, Astrologists, Flower or Shell readers for personal sit-down or walk-about readings. New to the roster, Lip Schtick! learn about your future and personality from your lip print. Women always have fun with this unusual reading.


Head on Plate

A startling, comic, talking, wise-cracking head amuses guests from atop your buffet table. Hilarious fun!


Pool Hustler

Our world class pool expert is experienced in entertaining crowds with his dynamic trick shots and pool skills, although most guests cannot resist the challenge to play against him.



Through the creativity of a computer and digital camera, a "new" self is revealed! Guest's photos are morphed with a loved one, a favorite pet or into a fanciful creature.


Cosmic Journey Into the Mind

Participate in a " trip" which can range from pleasant relaxation to an energetic high. Through individual headsets and goggles, guests embark on a cosmic journey. Some voyagers even experience visions! Colors and pleasant body sensations are typical responses. It is safe - using the latest Virtual technology and always memorable.


Tea Leaf Readings

Experience the wisdom and zen of this ancient ceremony.



a practitioner of magical scents and potions teaches techniques of blending the right aromas for success and personal pleasure.


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