Irish Eyes

Traditional bands and pub acts will get you in the spirit of ol' St. Pat - but book early - months early- for St. Patty's day. And don't forget the BAG PIPES. Our favorites are


James Kelly, internationally famous traditional Irish fiddler makes his home in Florida while he tours world-wide.


High stepping Irish Dancers performing traditional or contemporary Riverdance-style are available to complement our Irish bands.


Music of the Andes

Traditional instruments such as the "Quena" (flute/ horn) and the Sampoña (primitive harmonica) combine with percussion and traditional guitars to produce the unique and magical sounds of Andean mountain music. Colorful folk dancers from Peru are available to accompany this act.


Bavarian Bob- Oktoberfest

Hoist your beer mug high and sing along. Dressed in traditional knickers, suspenders and hat, this handsome guy sings and plays the accordion.


Australian Outback

Traditional instruments of Australia are most unusual and the musicians who play them are few. One of the most interesting instruments is the Didgeridoo, an ancient long wooden horn played by Aborigines of Australia, described as the "sound of the earth".

Complete the theme with native animals are available from our wildlife collection: the Wallabee ( a miniature Kangaroo) and Cockatoos, including a free-flight 'too that fetches and carries small objects.


World Beat music

Unique arrangements of popular songs and original music with Spanish, Portuguese, African, or Mid Eastern sounds -- all performed by groups of multi-instrumentalists. often in native wardrobe.


Bacce Ball

This fun, Italian yard bowling game is easy to learn. We bring everything, including retired champion players to demonstrate their skills and teach the game. All you need is a smooth surface and a game is underway in minutes.


Polynesian Revue

This troupe offers a wide selection of entertainment options from a Revue ( includes an authentic Hawaiian Band, Hula Girls, Fire-Knife dancers and Drummers) to individual performers and artisans.


Harmonic Motion

Authentic Mid-eastern music played on traditional string instruments, the Oud and the Cumbus. Leader Zaytoon, is also known as a World Beat and contemporary Jazz player. This group frequently accompanies beautiful Belly dancers


Pan-Asia Entertainment - a few of our offerings!


Feng Shui

The ancient Chinese art of placement has governed centuries of Chinese architecture, landscaping and interior design. Our Feng Shui practitioners explain the basics of this art so that guests may enhance their relationships, finances and self awareness. Ideal presentation for spouse programs, new age themes, health fairs, etc.



Authentic instruments of China, Japan, India, Indonesia are available with musicians, native to each country, attired in traditional wardrobe.


Drummers of Japan

a dramatic show featuring big drums resonating and pounding in synchronized beats. Very visual.


Thai Food Carving

a delicate, beautiful art performed as guests watch


Henna Hand Painting

popularized by trendsetters such as Madonna , this "tattoo alternative" is beautifully detailed and said to bring good fortune to the wearer!


China Arts

This variety show is MUCH more than a "Chinese Acrobat" show. It includes a selection of acrobatics, ballet, bike riding, plate spinning, contortion or martial arts from world recognized performance troupes on tour from China. Troupes always feature several delightful young performers.


Chinese Lion

A traditional opening for Asian themed parties. A team of dancers move and undulate through the crowd, covered by a "ferocious" creature!



Costumed dancers display tradtional dances of their country.


Also see Latin flavor


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