Ira Sullivan

Miami is most fortunate to have in residence one of Jazz's legendary players, Ira Sullivan. From his Be-bop years in Chicago with Bird, Dizzy Gillespie and all the greats, he was called a genius for doing the impossible, becoming fluent on any instrument he picked up, brass or woodwind - sax, trumpet, flugelhorn, flute. Although he tours internationally, the legend surfaces locally, every now and then, at festivals, benefits, jam sessions and Jazz clubs, where the best musicians show up to share his stage. Available for Very Special Events.


Ritmo Jazz

With the leadership of Sax/flute artist Bobby R, jazz takes on the international influences of Miami. Latin, Caribbean, Brazilian, and Afro-Cuban threads run through all the jazz standards and contemporary favorites. The mix is eclectic, high-energy and always crowd pleasing. Combine the skillful artistry of Bobby R with a horn section, guitar, congas, keyboards, (to name a few options) for the perfect party.


Cheryl F

A premier jazz vocalist who ranges from jazzy, intimate, sultry melodies to bluesy swing. This Canadian born chanteuse has been billed as "Canada's Diva of Jazz". She performed several years in European Jazz clubs and festivals and recently took up winter residence in South Florida while headlining summer Jazz festivals in Canada.


Eric A

a superb reed man who lovingly performs Jazz standards with the affection of a real craftsman! Eric is in great demand at Jazz clubs and festivals. His group often features vocalists such as BRENDA ALFORD, a smooth, soulful songstress. Or his riffs complement other performers such as the popular duo Davis and Dow or Cheryl F.



Internationally acclaimed as the best steel drum Jazz musician in the world, Othello has elevated a reputedly "simple" instrument, the Steel "pan", to a complex art form. He came onto the Miami scene with Jaco Pastorius and has played with Dizzie Gillespie and many of the greats. He frequently tours Europe and the US with Amad Jamal. Othello 's band of well-known Latin and Caribbean performers is the Headliner performance of any event. Available for Very Special Events.


The Young Lions

We seek out the best of the up and coming Jazz artists in South Florida for our roster. These "emerging artists" may be new to the area or recent grads of University music departments or a newly formed group of seasoned pros - they are always fresh, creative and talented.


For Information: Tel: (954) 922 4141 or E-mail: info@talent-entertainment.com

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