A Florida character with beautiful tropical birds that are very interactive with guests. Cuddle, hold and rock them. They are a hit at any Tropical party and will perch on anyone or anything. Tropical photo ops!


Display Birds

Cockatoos, macaws, parrots positioned on perches for guests to pose with, touch and take pictures with. Daily rates available for colorful Display birds in attractive cages.



These beautiful trademark Florida birds are very delicate and must be handled and transported carefully. However, once they are comfortable on site, they can be very humorous as they preen and flap their wings. Sometimes they even wander about among guests.



Strolling Trainer with Python- we haven't measured but are told it's about 16' long! Very lovable.


Native Wildlife

(Florida panther, large scorpion, baby alligator, birds of prey and much more.) This interesting package of Florida natives is a must for Tropical parties . Most "Performers" can be held or petted.


Exotic Wildlife

(cobra, coral snake, African primate and leopard)Cobra is in high demand for Casablanca theme parties..


Alligator Wrestling

Man versus Gator - an animal that strolled with the Dinosaurs in prehistoric times. It's hand to jaws combat! It's the real thing!


Also, Gators available for viewing. OR, want to cuddle? Baby Gator available to touch and hold.


We can provide almost any bird or animal legally available in the United States...

Elephants, Alligators, Leopards, Wallabies, Arabian Horse and Carriage, Goats, Snakes, Reindeer, Lions, Camels, Crocodiles, Cheetahs, Tigers.... just ask.


 For Information: Tel: (954) 922 4141 or E-mail: info@talent-entertainment.com

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